Ocho Rios is a town in the parish of Saint Ann on the north coast of Jamaica and is more widely referred to as Ochi by locals. Beginning as a sleepy fishing village, Ocho Rios has seen explosive growth in recent decades to become a popular tourist destination featuring duty-free shopping, a cruise-ship terminal, world-renowned tourist attractions and several beaches and acclaimed resorts.

Nestled along Jamaica's picturesque northern coast, with its stunning natural beauty, and a wealth of attractions, Ocho Rios is a stunning coastal town that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and exhilarating activities. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Ocho Rios is a true gem in the heart of Jamaica. From its iconic Dunn's River Falls to thrilling water sports and luxury resorts, Ocho Rios is a traveler's dream come true. This enchanting town offers an array of experiences that will leave you with lasting memories and the desire to return time and time again. Embark on a thrilling zip line through the lush rainforest, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Swim with the friendly residents at Dolphin Cove for a magical experience or encounter sharks and stingrays for a more thrilling adventure.

In addition to being a port of call for cruise ships, Ocho Rios also hosts cargo ships at the Reynolds Pier for the exportation of sugar, limestone, and at one time - bauxite.

The town is served by both Sangster International Airport (MBJ) and Ian Fleming International Airport (OCJ). 


* Information was obtained from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust website and several internet sources.