Runaway Bay is certainly one of the most scenic areas in Jamaica!

Since the early 1960 - when the old Cardiff Hall Estate was converted to a combination of luxury hotels, golf courses and private villas - the town has developed its own character and persona as an elegant yet lively getaway.  Much of the beauty of Runaway Bay lies in the fact that while the town itself is not a vibrant bustling center, it is conveniently located within easy reach of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

The two public caves - Runaway Cave and the Green Grotto Cave - are estimated to be approximately a half-million years old. The caves belong to a series of interconnected passageways and chambers that spread far beneath the Dry Harbour Mountains towards the south. Green Grotto Caves are the largest and most accessible caves on the island of Jamaica.

In addition to the caves, some of the best beaches in the Caribbean can be found in Runaway Bay, protected by a large tropical coral reef.


* Information was obtained from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust website and several internet sources.