Tolbert Travel Connection began simply as a way to help our friends and family find good travel deals.

As we researched pricing and accommodations, we ultimately developed relationships with many merchants and vendors who live in each destination.

We became an online presence for upcoming cruises, festivals, retreats and getaways that others were attending.

In 2023, we obtained our Independent Travel Agent credentials and became Jamaica Travel Specialists.  We are registered with the State of Texas.


What sets us apart from other Travel Agents?

1.  Our largest investment is Knowledge!

2.  We are travel agents who actually 'travel'!


We educate ourselves on the various resorts and destinations by studying to 'learn the brands' and by visiting properties frequently.  Each resort/property offers unique amenities - and it is important for us to know what is available in order to suggest proper recommendations for you.

These two priorities enable us to advise you on whether or not what you are looking for is what you will actually pay for - and it helps us to 'help you' make the best 'connection' to your travel dreams.

We do not 'just-book' vacations.

We educate ourselves to provide you with enjoyable and memorable experiences!